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@simply_dhabest follow meh , i follow back !

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On: Apr 13, 2012


Replied To: Twitter Angels? (Forum topic)
On: Feb 20, 2012

What inspired me to become a Trey's Angel is my undying love for Trey. I just joined in september but i have loved Trey since his first song dropped. So far the experience for me has been pretty ok, all the other angels welcomed me with open arms showed me around the site a little and we get access to concerts and stuff like that first. ITS GREAT!!!

Replied To: Why are you a Trey's Angel (Forum topic)
On: Nov 17, 2011

Hey Shantel Im Monae I joined in September so im still new to the angels but they take new ppl in well!! Welcome to the angels family and you can find me on twitter @simply_dhabest !!

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On: Nov 17, 2011


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On: Nov 17, 2011
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