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September 14

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Since 2005 I have LOVED Trey Songz! The first time i saw the video for Gotta Make It, it brought tears to my eyes. Since then, I've seen Trey Songz in concert many times, and met him almost as many times. Anyone that knows me knows my infatuation with that man, and anyone that meets me will know very soon lol...Follow me on Twitter @Sweetcheeks704...
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I think I have your picture. DM me your address :)

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What up girl? It was so good hanging out with you today. I had a blast at the meet n greet and the concert. Shopping was also fun. You are one cool chick! I hope you have a great week!!!

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Hey Angel. Remember me from the So Kodak performance? I hope you had alot of fun and made it home safely.

I just wanted to holla at my fellow Angel and I think we should follow each other on twitter if you have one. Mine is @tiana_sade.

Keep in touch and God bless.

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yea i would love to go with u THANK U so much where do u want to meet up.

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Hi i was wondering do u have an extra ticket for the so Kodak performance if so can i get it plz. Can u reply soon telling me yes or no.
God Bless