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On: Nov 25, 2010
On: Oct 14, 2010

Also he gave a special shout out to the angels of course :) I think there were quite a few of us there from the sounds of was fun!

Replied To: SO KODAK! (Forum topic)
On: Oct 06, 2010

Haha well it was crazy! There were drinks everywhere (but too bad I'm not 21 haha) and the place was jam packed..there were people in seats, on the floor standing, on balconies and everywhere. Pitbull didn't actually show up because he broke his arm but Trey and Drake were amazing!! They showed their So Kodak ads and they performed. Trey looked sexy as always haha and sang Bottoms Up, Say ahh, Cant be friends, Love faces, Invented Sex..and there may be one I'm missing. He was such a great performer and so into his fans the whole time he was performing. I actually cried when he came out because I was that excited lol..I've never seen him before but it was definitely worth our 7 hour trip. Have you seen him? Girl you need to..there are no words haha

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On: Oct 06, 2010
On: Sep 28, 2010
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