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On: Jul 28, 2009
Replied To: Gotta Go (Video)
On: Jul 28, 2009
On: Jul 27, 2009

Any song of hisz does me good cuz all turn me on
and i luv me trey songz i luv ya baby!!!!
shout out 2 trey!!

On: Jul 27, 2009

1st his voice when he talk nd sing
2nd his smile
3rd his eyes and eyebrows
4th his juicy lipz
5th his body
6th his attractiveness
7th his tattoo
8th the way he lookz at me in his vids. and in his photos

Replied To: What attracts you to Trey the most ? (Forum topic)
On: Jul 26, 2009
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The name is Candida but people call me Dida my fav. color is Hot Pink+Lime Green always together. I have a wonderful soon 2 be husband Tremaine A. Neverson (Trey Songz) [ lol :-) ] j/k but if it can really happen I will LOVE it but 4 now he is my husband in my head im his #1 FAN+#1 WFEY. So Trey bae when u [ need a girl ] read this cuz i can be ur [ brand new ]shawty,cuz everybody wanna be [ successful ] but I wanna [ successful ] with u in ur life...So yea dats me if u wanna kno more jus hit me up kay....nd im out. OH YEA GRLZ DNT PT HIS NUMBA [ IN YA PHONE ] CUZ HE ALL MINE [ LOL :-) ]