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The name is Candida but people call me Dida my fav. color is Hot Pink+Lime Green always together. I have a wonderful soon 2 be husband Tremaine A. Neverson (Trey Songz) [ lol :-) ] j/k but if it can really happen I will LOVE it but 4 now he is my husband in my head im his #1 FAN+#1 WFEY. So Trey bae when u [ need a girl ] read this cuz i can be ur [ brand new ]shawty,cuz everybody wanna be [ successful ] but I wanna [ successful ] with u in ur life...So yea dats me if u wanna kno more jus hit me up kay....nd im out. OH YEA GRLZ DNT PT HIS NUMBA [ IN YA PHONE ] CUZ HE ALL MINE [ LOL :-) ]