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Hi my name is LaToya and I am 22 years old and I currently just moved from chicago illinois to dubuque iowa, quite a change I know. I needed a change of scenery. I currently attend school for my bachelors in health and science I hope to be a pediatrician one day. I love to sing an dance when I have time and I am just an all around God-fearing, intelligent, respecftul, honest, and cheerful person. Trust I am a joy to be around. Now my obsession wit my future husband trey lol. Now I am not crazy or really obsessed for real but I do really love Tremaine (Trey) he came to my college WIU and I thought I was going to die now thats not the first time I seen him live but I was closer to him and OMG he is sooooo fine. I love the way he looks his smile and most importantly his singing. I have all his CD the real version and I listen to them literally everyday, I just want one day to sit down and have a convo with him one on one, I wanna know his deep and inner thoughts , I love you TREY :-)
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