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On: Sep 27, 2010
On: Sep 25, 2010
On: Sep 25, 2010
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My name will remain Anonymous but you can Refer to me as Holliwood NeMa or Just NeMa. I'm from the Concrete Jungle A.k.A NYC. I am one of the most guinuine people you will ever meet, nothing about me is fabricated nor duplicated. I am truly one of a Kinda. I'm a Current Business Major, liscensed in Fashion Events Planning,Media Photography and a soon to be liscensed cosmetologist, Entrepreneur. I do it it all...just call me go getter NeMa! Turning dreams into realities so look out for me in the near future! LoL {No Seriously -__-} I'm into art, i'm into dance,lets just say i'm open minded to the many things life offers. I love & I live for my family so everything I do,a big part of it is for them There is so much more to me,I am such a complex individual so no matter what I say on here it will never amount to who I REALLY am.To know me is to Love ME @She_Iz_NeMa P.S I love Trey songz! & the way he as evolved individually & artistically. I hope to one day get to know Tremaine.
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