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On: Sep 19, 2010
On: Sep 11, 2010

The trey songz concert was my very first!!!!!!!! i love trey songz.... my mom surprised me with front row seats.... but trey never really came to my side of the stage!!!!!1 i really enjoyed watching my husband tho and i really hope i meet him some day!!!!! i am so proud of him for keeping his head up and working to the best of his abilitl

i love you!!!!

reppin the DMV

trey's #1 gurl :)

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On: Sep 06, 2010

i would just stand their and try to play it cool.... i would hug him so tight tho..... i was actually about to be picked to go on stage on saturday at his concert but i ended up being too young.... i probably would have died tho

On: Sep 06, 2010
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