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Hopefully i will be able to say dat

On: Sep 01, 2010

welll it really depends on if HE wants it to B LOVE n if dat other person wants it to B Love as it really doesnt matter who he is,its if they really wanna make it work takes 2 for ne relationship. u wld do whaeva 4 dat person...LOve doesnt die it grows!LOVE u TREy

On: Sep 01, 2010

Not really,but wut can u do tho.. jus wish it was me!

On: Sep 01, 2010

Maybe? depends..Trey lets find out!!

Replied To: how much do you love trey? (Forum topic)
On: Sep 01, 2010

dat was a waste of ma time but sum people jus hav no idea wut ther talkin bout talkin bout respect wow dats was flat out wrong to come on her n say sum dumb shit dat didnt needa be said cuz its out of da question have a nice day god bless u!

Replied To: bottoms up (Forum topic)
On: Sep 01, 2010
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Ima< latina..dats in love with Trey songz!! dats allll ya need 2 know!!!yuuup<3<3<3