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LOL thank you ladies!!!

Replied To: Kind of Woman Part 2 ()
On: Dec 27, 2012

@Jamilarippy You can read "Mr. Steal Yo' Girl" on my website, along with a bunch of other Trey stories. Go to

Replied To: Kind of Woman Part 2 ()
On: Dec 14, 2012

Did you get your ticket honey?

On: Nov 14, 2012

@Charity24 I'm not sure why you're getting all rude with me. I thought I was being very pleasant and trying to get you to see a different perspective about the situation. I'm quite aware that we are two different people and handle things totally differently; however, you posted this problem on in order to share your feelings and to get a response about it. If you didn't want us to share our opinions about your situation (because every last one of us are doing just that), then this was not the place for you to post this. Please disregard MY OPINION and just do you boo-boo. Good luck!

On: Nov 14, 2012

I wish they sold the VIP tix in singles as well. Not everyone can afford to do VIP & those who can afford it shouldn't be forced to buy 2 or to search high & low for someone to go in with them. Plus I don't like that either...whoever buys the tix must show up to the venue w/ their ID. Things happen. I know when I did VIP w/ one of my friends, she was coming from another city and got extremely lost. I gave her my money to buy the tix but because she used her credit card & name, she was the only one who could get them. I was pissed. I almost missed the M&G b/c my friend had got lost. That's not fair. They need to change something...either let people buy the tix in singles or allow either party to pick up the tix. If something happens to the original purchaser of the tix, the other person should be able to get them too.

On: Oct 23, 2012
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