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On: Apr 20, 2012

I don't see the resemblance either.

Replied To: Do I look like Trey Songz ? (Forum topic)
On: Apr 20, 2012

It depends on the concert @Kina Rinay. Sometimes Trey has 18 and up concerts. You just have to be 18+ to do VIP if that's the case. If its no age restriction on the concert then you can do VIP at any age. And yes you have to pay to become an Angel. It's not much though - I think around $30.

Replied To: Advice!!! (Forum topic)
On: Apr 19, 2012

Why did I just scroll through all them damn pics of you? Are you obsessed with your dick? Stop jacking off before you give yourself carpel tunnel. SMMFHIDB

Replied To: Do I look like Trey Songz ? (Forum topic)
On: Apr 17, 2012

@Kina Rinay yes I've met him 4 times. The first was for OMG. Trey's Angels asked 4 people to obtain email addresses so they could email them info on how to become a Trey's Angel. As a reward we got to hang out backstage with him for a while. He signed my CD, gave me a hug & a kiss, and we took a pic together. We talked for a while too. The 2nd time was for PPP - I did VIP. The 3rd time I did an Angel mission in New Orleans for Essence weekend. I wasn't expecting to meet him but we got to take a pic with him after volunteering. The 4th time I did VIP for Anticipation 2.

Replied To: Advice!!! (Forum topic)
On: Apr 17, 2012
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