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@Sis - yes I was thinking that he might've gotten several messages that day. A bunch of people were upset about that last concert. Others had mentioned that Trey showed them no love and many of them were venting about it on Twitter. So if all those people DM'd him, along with her about it...quite naturally he was probably pissed. According to some of the tweets I read, Trey didn't acknowledge his Angels. I saw at least 4 tweets about this so I don't know - maybe they were all DMing him about it. He got fed up, but as an artist you have to be able to take criticism, especially from the people who love you. I will chalk it up to a bad day that I hope we have a chance to repair.

Replied To: Disappointed in Trey ()
On: Mar 16, 2012

Me & Trey are Sagittarius - we are too much alike. When I get annoyed...I drop someone FAST AS HELL!!! The question would be...who gone drop who first. I can tell you right now that Trey & I could NEVERRRRRRRRRRRRR eat together...chewing like a got damn cow. I'll be done accidentally karate chopped him in the throat chewing and smacking like that. Then he'd put me in a choke hold and we'd have to break up. As far as being away, I wouldn't mind him being away all the time. I don't need a lot of attention, in fact, I LOVEEEEEEEE my MEEEE time. But then we'd have to break up because he'd be cheating on me. LMAO So basically me & Trey would not work...but we could be homies.

On: Mar 15, 2012

@TreysNewestAngel1 - Essence711 hit it right on the nail. In life you will definitely run into some nice people and some "not so" nice people. Please know that there are a bunch of very sweet Angels here. I have met some wonderful people through Trey's Angels and some that will be in my life forever (including my Sister on here @JesusIsMySavior).

I would love to be your friend. My twitter is @GimmeUnusual

On: Mar 15, 2012

@Humbleheart Thank you honey! That was very sweet of you to say. The young lady is starting to heal and plans to apologize to Trey.

@Essence - my mind went through all of that - that he didn't care about losing a fan or two here and there because he had made it already. I tell you I went from hurt to being extremely mad and almost unfollowed him. Then I calmed down and realized I could never stop listening to his music or appreciating him for his creative work. I calmed down a little more and reminded myself that he was human and that every encounter I have had with him and I've met him several times - he has always been gracious and approachable. I'm not going to hold one negative incident against him. Yes I wish he would've done things differently, but all I can do is forgive him for his moment of bad judgment...I know I've been there and I wanted mercy too. I'm granting him that but he is gone have to make it up to me. I'm gonna need 3 kisses (on the cheek), a piggyback ride, and we gone play hide n' seek. LMAO

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On: Mar 15, 2012

@Sis - I was thinking the same thing that he may not have been sober when he did it. I also thought it was so uncharacteristic of him, but maybe he had reached his limit that day. I have no idea but I plan to do VIP for Chapter V and talk to him about it then...just to simply let him know how much that hurt. Unfollowing people all willy nilly ain't cool...especially the way my mind works regarding that follow. He can unfollow someone else and then follow them back months later & they may be okay with it but he took away my position in his follows. Being in the top 1000 was precious to me. I can't get that back now. Plus what I did to get that was after collecting emails for him. But I am getting over it & you know I'll always be a fan. I still love him. Regarding the young lady that DM'd him, she plans to write an apology letter to him. I thought that was a good idea. She definitely still loves & supports him.

Replied To: Disappointed in Trey ()
On: Mar 15, 2012
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