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@Miss Trey Songz Oh honey I understand exactly what you're saying. I know you meant it generally, I was just saying I personally would never expect him to acknowledge everything - I don't know why so many other people expect it. He is only one man. I think he does a great job of showing us love. He shows he appreciates us more than some other artists.

@TreysNewestAngel1 You are absolutely right. He may feel bad about it and has no way of reaching out to us. It's not as though he can tweet, "who are the girls I unfollowed again?" His mentions would fill up with everyone who wants a follow. LOL Part of me thinks that he didn't even read my DM - I think he was just so mad at the situation with the other girl that he just started unfollowing anyone who DM'd him about it. He unfollowed several people that day. With time everything begins to heal. I feel better than I did yesterday. No tears about it today. :-)

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On: Mar 14, 2012

@MekaLoves - Thank you for your kinds words. Yes, I will always love Trey. He is still my favorite artist no matter what. I go very hard for him along with many others, so I don't expect anything from Trey but respect. I always felt like I got that from him until this. I'm not holding it against him - I understand he is human. I just wish he would've thought about it more and not let his anger dictate his actions throughout the day, especially since his actions have a powerful effect. He's loved and admired and that won't change.

@Miss Trey Songz - I would never expect Trey to acknowledge everything a fan does for him. Again, it was solely the immaturity from the person who DM'd him and expected that from him. Nonetheless, she does love him and goes hard for him as well...even harder than I do. Even though she was wrong, she still meant no harm.

@Sis - What you said is the main reason why I forgive Trey - I know he doesn't know me or her individually; therefore, he doesn't know our intentions. He's been getting some negative slack so he took her comments harshly. I just think back on the chick that wished his plane would crash. He DM'd her and asked her why would she say that. She apologized and he forgave her. He didn't unfollow or block her. Now a fan that is upset about not getting acknowledged gets unfollowed, and one trying to defend an Angel that meant no harm got unfollowed. It just doesn't add up. Trey was in his feelings that day & I get he was having a bad day. It's understandable. I just hate that I can never get back what I had. It can be repaired like a car in a major accident, but it won't run like new again. He may refollow me someday but it won't be the same as the original follow. Regardless, I love him unconditionally.

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On: Mar 14, 2012

By the way, no I don't agree with the DM that was sent to him. It definitely could've been reworded or not sent at all, but she is young and didn't know any better. I certainly know Trey can't respond to everything from his fans...she now knows that as well. I just believe the punishment of putting it on Twitter and unfollowing her was too harsh. He didn't mention her name, but by her being young and not knowing any better, she told on herself which resulted in many hate tweets. That's a lot for a young girl to bear...especially on her birthday. She spent her entire birthday crying...Trey underestimates the power he has on others. I'm no where near over the top when it comes to Trey, but even I was hurt. I know he's human and he makes mistakes, which is why I certainly forgive him and I convinced her to do the same...human or not, it doesn't make it hurt any less.

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On: Mar 13, 2012

@Andrea Luvz Trey - I've met him before. I had to check but yeah, my avi is a pic of us together. I just met him for the fourth time at the Milwaukee M&G. Drove there from Chicago because it was $150 cheaper than attending the Chicago M&G. I had a wonderful time.

On: Mar 07, 2012

Hi Hun! I'm sorry I'm late...I'm not on regularly. Happy belated birthday first of all. I am so sorry to hear that you were injured and had to miss the concert. It sounds like you are doing okay and I'm glad to hear that. You will have many other opportunities to see Trey...he is so talented..he ain't going no where anytime soon. Just take care of you & we're all sending you Angel hugs & kisses!

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On: Mar 02, 2012
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