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While I enjoy seeing Trey perform, one or two concerts a year is sufficient. When I see people going to multiple concerts in a very short period of time, they begin to turn from fan to fanatic in my eyes. Moderation is the key. No I would not follow Trey around the world. If he is not doing a concert in my city or nearby, then chances are I will not be attending that concert. On rare occasions I will see him far away - such as an already planned vacation in a city that he will be in (that has happened). I was in New Orleans visiting my parents last year during Essence weekend and he was performing for Essence. I didn't go for him but to visit my family. I didn't even buy the ticket until two days before the concert. Some of my Angel sisters have also discussed meeting up in a city to attend the Chapter V concert together. That is another time I will travel but its a vacation with sisters combined with the concert. That is probably the only time I would travel to see Trey.

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On: Apr 12, 2012

LMFAO @this post. It's so shockingly appalling on top of IGNORANT that all I can do is laugh. When I first looked at this post it had one comment...I can't believe it got this many reactions. I'm usually pretty good at picking up on people but you got me perplexed. Can't tell if you're jealous, ignorant, upset at Trey, upset at Lauren, upset at your miserable life, or all of the above. I can't really get a handle on what your problem is but it truly is unfortunate. I hope you get control of yourself. You may need a hug, a pat on the back, or an enema or something. I hope for your sake that you find fulfillment in your life so that you won't continue worrying so much about what Trey's doing, who he's fucking and how she's raising her child. Don't see how any of that applies to you. Stay 6 months in your business and 6 months out of other people's'll be much happier. Say "Woo sah"'ll feel better.

Replied To: that fucking hoe (Forum topic)
On: Apr 10, 2012

@Sis - This is my new favorite Trey story as I have told you once before. You did an extremely wonderful job with this story and I loved, loved, loved crazy Trey! I can't wait for your book!

Replied To: Short Story - ME 4 U (Infidelity2) (Forum topic)
On: Apr 10, 2012

Trey can wave at me at my panties would fall down. I don't need to be separated from the rest...clump me in with the rest of the easy chicks. HE CAN GET IT!!! We ain't gotta go on a date...what for? I'll eat before I come over. Call me afterwards...I don't care. I got A.D.D. just like Trey...I lose interest fast. One or two good hit it & quit its to knock out the cobwebs would do me just fine.

Now I'm not telling you younger ladies & those that wanna make him hubby to do that. I don't want that from him. Not trying to be in a romantic relationship with him...not trying to marry him...knowing I got the beast is good enough for me. I'm grown (over 30 status)...when you get my age you are soooo comfortable with your sexuality. I don't need all that from Trey...I'd fuck him. Just being real.

On: Mar 22, 2012

As far as Trey being a grown man and free to follow & unfollow whoever he wants, that's a mute point...we all know that. We all know he is able to do whatever he wants *starts singing Bobby Brown's it's my prerogative...I can do what I wanna do...* LOL But even though he can...doesn't mean he always should. Unfollowing fans for something which in essence is extremely small (upset about not being acknowledged) is not something that should happen; however, it is very forgivable. I am truly much better than I was when I originally posted this thread. With time the sting becomes almost unnoticeable. She is in a better place as well. I know Trey does his very best and crap just happens. This is a, "shit just happens" type of thing.

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On: Mar 22, 2012
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