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I am sitting here smiling for you. I am really glad you had a great experience with him. Trey is a sweetheart.

On: Mar 02, 2012

I'm @GimmeUnusual & I follow back.

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On: Mar 02, 2012

Sis @JIMS - is it true that someone grabbed Trey's beast??? O_O

On: Mar 02, 2012

Y'all New Yorkers were cutting up! LOL Sis did you do VIP? It's about that time for that one-on-one pic.

@Miss Trey Songz I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed yourself. I saw him in Milwaukee - I loved it too. Trey's vocals were on point. I'm upset that y'all got Fab tho. I love Fab! I need them to do a Chapter 5 concert together.

On: Mar 02, 2012

I'm certainly not making excuses for anyone but I live in a big city (Chicago). As a woman, I take many precautions to keep myself safe. On a regular I pass by someone on the ground because the homeless are everywhere. I can't say if I would necessarily physically go to someone's rescue either. If I saw someone on the ground that looked hurt or screaming out in pain, I'd probably only call 9-1-1. Living in Chicago I've seen some of the evilest things. If you'd flash your lights at someone to signal for them to turn on their headlights at night, gang-bangers trying to be initiated would follow you home and kill you. Not too long ago, senior citizens were flagging you down as they stood outside...asking you for help. When you'd stop, someone else would come up and carjack you. Detroit was known for a long time as being the murder capital of the U.S. It may still be known as that. The murder rate there is still very high. Being from a big city, you almost can't trust anyone...not even 86 year old men. Now if it was someone watching the crime happen and they didn't at least go to his aid after the car was stollen, that's really sad. I wouldn't expect them to try and stop the carjacking...just help the man once the carjacker has left. I'm amazed at all those that put no thought to their own safety and assist others. That just ain't me...if there is a remote chance that the carjacker will put a bullet in me...I'll play dead until he's finished and then help you.

Nevertheless, this is unfortunate and I would certainly love to give him words of encouragement through an e-card.

On: Feb 27, 2012
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