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Thanks SexySagLuvSongz my fellow Sag sis!!! I am doing absolutely fine. My HEALTHY love for Trey is unconditional. And I emphasize healthy because someone mentioned loving Trey to death. Anyone that really knows me know that my hubby 24/7 is Lance Gross. That is the man of my love him! I love and support Trey for his music...understanding that he is human and things are bound to irritate him to the point that he makes choices that not everyone agrees with.

At no time was I ever defending her DM. I equally thought it was wrong and demanded too much of him. But knowing her - I know her heart, which is why all I said to him was that she meant no harm. She loves you, we all do. Please give her another chance. That was my DM to him. I don't see that as a reason to unfollow but that is my opinion as my Sis @PrittBrowniiz has said. We are all entitled to our own opinions. In my opinion the unfollow of me was too harsh. Him unfollowing her is another story. He may feel justified...I can't fault him for that. She hurt his feelings. I get that, but I still believe he could have handled it better.

@Essence I'm not offended by anything you have said and I certainly want you to feel free to express whatever you are feeling. I certainly agree with you, but I do feel as though Trey values us as fans. I just think his anger got the best of him which is why I would love to talk to him more about it. I want him to personally know from me that I know he goes above & beyond for his fans and to know that I appreciate what he does.

Many ppl have been saying that fans have high demands...yes, the lady who DM'd him had too high of demands for him. Some do, but not all. Some of us realize he is only one man and we appreciate what he does. Its just like those that keep telling Trey to UStream...the man needs a break. So many of us are guilty for wanting a lot of him. It's natural but Trey knows how to say NO...he does, and he will.

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On: Mar 22, 2012

This case is very sad. I've been following it and too have heard the 911 calls. I signed the petition to have Zimmerman arrested. He was specifically told not to confront the Trayvon but he did it anyway. It's a shame that he has not been arrested. I'm glad the FBI are now involved and I hope they bring justice to this family and all of America who is sadden by this. We are going backwards. Any time someone can blatantly disobey the command to not interfere, end someone's life and not behind bars is frightening. What next...bring back slavery? Zimmerman should want to be behind bars because he is taking a risk every time he leaves out his front door. He better hope no one gets a hold of him because they won't stop until he's 6 feet under to. And I don't condone violence or anyone hurting him, but he needs to pay for the damage he has caused. All we can go by is what he tells us...bullshit. It wasn't so self-defense.

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On: Mar 22, 2012
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On: Mar 16, 2012
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On: Mar 16, 2012
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On: Mar 16, 2012
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