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That's how he really writes. It was duplicated...but he wrote the original letter. I only know from all the things that I witnessed first hand that he signed. It's the same writing as in those introduction letters.

Replied To: Trey's Handwriting ()
On: Feb 07, 2012

I recognized it the moment she started singing it & I was a fan from the very first note. I love it when people put their own twist on a song. She was phenomenal. I played it over & over again.

Replied To: Say Aah with a twist ()
On: Feb 07, 2012

LMAO @MrsNeversonILoveUTremaine "Not a Drake fan but he has huge lips"

Him and Wale would be good together too...I agree. I'm not a big fan of rap but I like some stuff. I would love him doing a mixtape with Ludacris. BTW, Fab was on 106 & Park about a month ago and he said him and Trey may do a mixtape together. That would be FIRE!!! I hope they do.

Replied To: Ideal Bromance ()
On: Feb 07, 2012

In my Twitter profile it says, "I am who God says I am: Intelligent, beautiful, destined for greatness and loved." God doesn't use a derogatory term to describe me; therefore, no, I'm not at all insulted or let down every time Trey uses a derogatory term. I know who I am and I don't allow music or other people's word dictate my value. I couldn't imagine Trey being any other way and I'd never want him to change unless it's for HIS betterment. If people are really sensitive to the disrespect, it goes way beyond the use of bitches and hoes. Cheating is in his music...being a one-nighter (Don't Love Me)..."Would U think a nigga rude if I said I wanna f*ck right now?"...the bluntness...which is why I just love this man. No I am soooo not offended. I just want Trey to be him & make the freaky, kinky, audio-pornography he continues to make. LOL

Replied To: Disrespecting women ()
On: Jan 23, 2012

@LisaLeigh - You are right...the disrespect must stop amongst us Angels but when you're dealing with people from different backgrounds, different upbringings, different ages, and so forth, some drama will occur. You just have to do your best to steer away from it as well as to let things go. Everything doesn't have to be a battle. I like to say my point and move on. I'm not going to argue about it.

Replied To: Disrespecting Helen ()
On: Jan 23, 2012
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