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Helen does not follow Trey but they are still friends. She's tired of the drama with Trey's fans. She has thick skin, but it still hurts her for people to be judging her without knowing her.

I saw the quotes, but even if I had not seen the quotes, I still would never attack one of his female friends.

Trey already tweets at a minimum because of the craziness. I personally don't feel like he needs to be careful on what he tweets his female friends. I think he has a right to tweet whoever he wants. I do believe he has an obligation as a celebrity to be slightly the sense of not degrading or being spiteful on Twitter, but flirting and things of that nature I feel as though its nothing wrong with that. He's a man. He loves women. Flirt away! Hell...flirt with me. LOL I won't get jealous when he turn around and flirt with someone else the next day.

Replied To: Disrespecting Helen ()
On: Jan 23, 2012

@sweetestgurlluv Don't allow the other Angels to run you away. There are certainly some wonderful young ladies on here. I've heard a number of Angels say they will not be renewing their membership due to the drama...but drama only comes to you if you allow it to. I am on and off of but I won't stop renewing it. I became a member for access to Trey...friendships came along the way...but at no time do I lose focus on why I'm here. If you joined for Trey...let him be your motivation for renewing your membership. He is my reason for being here...I want to support him and his career.

Replied To: Disrespecting Helen ()
On: Jan 23, 2012

I would like a replica of his penis sold. O_O

Did I actually just say that?

Okay - well since that's not possible, I would love the bed set with a big picture of him on it. Oh poor comforter would get freaked every night. Don't do it Trey.

On: Nov 27, 2011

I understand people wanting to know all about him & be all up in his business...hell I'm nosey too, but what I won't ever do is disrespect any woman he's linked with in any kind of way. They are his choice and should never be abused by us. We all want to see him with the best woman & of course happy...but we can't chose her for him. He has to do that on his own & we SHOULD respect his choice in a mate. At least a real fan should!

Replied To: Disrespecting Helen ()
On: Nov 25, 2011

Now you know this is hard, but I'm going to try & follow directions. This is mixtapes/covers only:

1. Don't Judge
2. Inside pt. 2
3. French Kiss
4. More Than That
5. Til The Day I Die
6. I Want You
7. Brand New
8. Don't Love Me
9. Always Twisted
10. She Ain't My Gurl

(Okay, I'm gonna be a little disobedient because I love these songs too. Honorable mentions go to Famous, Make it Rain, Safari Love, Bed Bath & Beyond, On Top, Panty Droppa (complete edition), Bedroom G & Bed ft. J. Holiday.

On: Nov 25, 2011
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