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I am sitting here smiling for you. I am really glad you had a great experience with him. Trey is a sweetheart.

Replied To: MY FIRST TREY EXPERIENCE (Forum topic)
On: Mar 02, 2012

I'm @GimmeUnusual & I follow back.

Replied To: Angels on Twitter... (Forum topic)
On: Mar 02, 2012

Sis @JIMS - is it true that someone grabbed Trey's beast??? O_O

Replied To: what ya'll think about nyc show? (Forum topic)
On: Mar 02, 2012

Y'all New Yorkers were cutting up! LOL Sis did you do VIP? It's about that time for that one-on-one pic.

@Miss Trey Songz I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed yourself. I saw him in Milwaukee - I loved it too. Trey's vocals were on point. I'm upset that y'all got Fab tho. I love Fab! I need them to do a Chapter 5 concert together.

Replied To: what ya'll think about nyc show? (Forum topic)
On: Mar 02, 2012

@Humbleheart Is there anything that you like about Trey? Are you a fan of his music? I'm just curious because by the consistent quoting of scriptures, it sounds like you may be too holy to even listen to his music. And I truly mean no disrespect. I am a Christian. I've been in church all my life and I'm able to quote scriptures left and right much like you; however, I don't do that. It throws people off and it shuts people down. I understand using scripture to back up what you're saying, but for everything there is a season...this is probably not the best place for that. At least not to the degree in which you are doing it. You have to reach people at their level. I found myself becoming uninterested and skimming over some of your messages because it started to become too much. If you believe his music is too vulgar and lacks creativity or social don't like his lifestyle or his tattoos...then I simply ask, is there anything that you like about Trey?

Replied To: Spiritual Implications of Trey's Tattoos (Forum topic)
On: Mar 02, 2012
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