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My Comments this album!!!

On: Aug 20, 2012

The beauty about Trey is that you can get both and you don't have to choose. I SOOOOOO love all his sides. I know a bunch of people are mad at Ne-Yo (I'm disappointed as well), but I won't stop loving his music. I wanted to share something Ne-Yo said despite our disappointment in him. He instagramed something that made sooo much sense and I loved it. He said, "I am the music. R&B, pop, don't wear the same clothes everyday, eat the same food neither. I am the music. I am not the scandal, I am not my sex life, I am not the blog. I am love in melodic form, period. If that's not enough...well..." I thought that was so beautifully put. Trey won't and can't always be R&B or the party Trey...he's had stepper cuts & a little pop on his albums. I think as we continue to support his craft, we have to be open to the many sides of Trey that he will display. Its a continuous growing work of art. I love the many styles and am open to them. My heart lies with R&B, but sometimes I'm in the mood to "get the party started" and then that's when I put on his fast cuts. I TRULY LOVEEEE ALLLLL HIS STYLES! Great discussion honey! Love this!

On: Aug 18, 2012

I love this discussion. Please don't think I'm crazy when I tell you this particular song came on and I played out in my head my entire moves on Trey. Trey would get a lap dance/strip dance to "No Clothes On." Slow walk over to him in the beginning, slow wind my hips, and then turn around & give him an ass show. LMAO "Lemme work that thang, lemme twerk that thang...girl I might hurt that thang." And then I gotta rock my hips and pop, block & drop it...OF COURSE!!! LOL Now U got me dancing for Trey again in my head. Dayum!

On: Aug 18, 2012

GURRRLLLLLL I FREAKIN' LOVE THAT SONG!!! *That's me screaming, that's why its in all caps.* LOL I am a huge Ginuwine fan. I've been rocking with him since Pony. Got every album. That song really should have been a single.

On: Aug 18, 2012

WOW...I haven't been on here in a while. I didn't even know people didn't like the song. I really like the's a head banger. I don't think people fully embrace what Trey is all about. R&B is primarily what he does, but as a fan you should know that Trey LOVES rap...hence "Lemmeholdatbeat 1 & 2." He constantly gives us what we want--R&B--but at the same time we have to understand his love for rap and flow with it whenever he decides to put it on an album. Now you don't have to like his rap side, but as a fan & especially ANGELS I would still expect us to support him considering this has ALWAYS been him. Now if Trey all of a sudden switched to mostly pop or went all the way in left field to something like country, then I can see people having something to say, but RAP??? Nah, that has always been a part of him. Trey is being fully him. And the lyrics--calling women "bitches" is nothing new. If people are offended by that word, then they probably shouldn't be a Trey fan because he says that along with a bunch of other words. People can always cop that edited version. If you know who you are and what you are, then you shouldn't be offended by the words "bitches" & "hoes". They don't offend me. I'm the only one who defines myself. As long as Trey is giving me mostly R&B and some headbanging rap stuff, I will forever be a fan. I love what he does. And that's not to say that I like everything he does or that people gotta like everything he does. I will quickly say I don't get down with "Successful." The tempo of that song, along with Drake on it--I'm just not feeling it, but saying you don't like a song b/c its not R&B or b/c of the "bitches" lyrics is cray...we will get a bunch of that so its best to just jump off the train now.

On: Aug 18, 2012
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