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@LadyAJ03 - I am definitely always. Can't wait to see what happens. I guess Trey will be singing Infidelity Part 2!!! Loved it!

Replied To: The Last Time Part Two ()
On: Oct 25, 2010

@Ros - oh come on!!! LMAO
@madhottmami69 - I ain't mad at cha'. "We gotta use what we got to get what we want." 10 points to whomever know what movie that came from. A cookie if you know the character/actress (that's your clue - a female said it). LOL

On: Oct 25, 2010

@Linz84 - ME TOOOOO BADLY!!! I put a #TreyAlert on Twitter. I told him today he was going to get a spanking because this ain't funny. He putting us through too much. Not right!!! SMDH

Replied To: I miss Trey! ()
On: Oct 25, 2010

@AriesChild - you are such a great Angel. Yes, I have been voting...I think I spend half my life voting for something dealing with Trey. LOL

Between calling, texting, & emailing requests for his songs on radio stations, voting on 106 & Park, and now the AMA's & The People's Choice Awards...I think Imma need a 10% cut on earnings. LMAO

I'm glad you're telling everyone to write in his name for Favorite Song & Favorite Male Artist - I was doing that as well. I think it'll be easier if we all decided on which song we'll nominate so the votes won't be divided. I've been voting for "Bottom's Up". Do you ladies want to do that or do you prefer "Can't Be Friends"?

On: Oct 25, 2010

@Ros - yes, you are an Angel. Being an Angel isn't all about paying to receive the's in how you behave & the lengths you take to support Trey. You are very active & we know you love Trey. Us Angels love you too & many others that don't have the title but are still going hard for Trey. We know you'll join us when you can, but in the meantime we're making you an honorary member. (Hope I can speak for the other Angels.) Muah - love you!

On: Oct 25, 2010
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