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@Tam all 4 u - I voted & I posted it on Twitter for my followers to vote for you as well. I'll try to remember to vote 4 U every day. I hope you win one of those 10 spots. With the Angels behind you I know you will.

On: Nov 16, 2010

DAMN SHEENA!!! That was supposed to be ME (Ciara)! Oh well - I don't blame Sheena...when Trey 1st asked if I could lotion him up, I would've told him that his clothes were in my way! And one look at the beast coming alive would've resulted in a rape charge. Looking forward to the dates!!!

Replied To: PPP : The Show (6) (Forum topic)
On: Nov 16, 2010

LOVE - LOVE - LOVE - LOVE (How many loves was that? Not enough!) LOVE - LOVE - LOVE CTFU...okay, so I absolutely LOOVVVVVVVVVEEE this. You really capture Trey well. LEGGO! On to 6...

BTW - yeah, Ciara is definitely me too. I love her...damn fool interrupted me & Trey's kiss!!! F*cking her up!!!

Replied To: Passion Pain & Pleasure: The Show (5) (Forum topic)
On: Nov 16, 2010

This is SOOOOO good. I love it. On to part 5!

Replied To: Passion Pain & Pleasure: The Show (4) (Forum topic)
On: Nov 16, 2010

Angels - my friend confirmed that she is going so I'm not selling my other ticket. Try eBay or - the closer the date of the show is, the likelihood of the seller dropping the price of the ticket in a desperate attempt to sell the tickets.

I would love to see everyone there - I hope I'm following everyone. If I'm not, follow me & I'll follow you back @GimmeUnusual

Is everyone also supporting @LadyAJ03 & @Shay_Bae89 by following us @CelebLuvGasms ? That's our Fan Fiction page of some HOT male celebrities - and you know Trey is the highlight. We're working on a web page now and the forum will be active as of Wednesday (11/17/10). Links will be posted.

On: Nov 16, 2010
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