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LMAO @madhottmami69 - you know make an excellent point!!! I'd have to grab me up a few too. That will got out of stock the first day they put it in the store. Speaking of things out of stock...I finally got my charm bracelet this weekend. YEH!!! I tried buying that since I've been a member & it was always out of stock. Glad I finally got it.

On: Oct 25, 2010

@JesusIsMySavior - I am definitely always voting for everything he's involved in & calling the radio stations. Just finished voting like 30 times on 106 & Park & I've voted a few times for the AMA's. I don't know how people are voting many times for the AMA's. You have to sign in & if you've already signed in they won't allow you to vote again. I've signed in under 3 different emails, but I'm out of email addresses now. However, I've voted & I've asked my friends to sign up & vote for him too. I'm a big supporter!

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On: Oct 25, 2010

LMAO @JesusIsMySavior. I would NEVER forget. Good luck to my man tryna get it out the bed! LOL

On: Oct 25, 2010

Great @Mz.2thick - I will save your information. My email is
Can you send me some of your stuff? @Shay_yuuup were talking last night & we're thinking about maybe starting a blog with our short stories. A book is still on the table as well, but let's get some feedback with a blog & then take it from there. I'll do the research on everything (blog vs. book) tonight when I get home & I'll email everyone with what I come up with.

On: Oct 25, 2010

LOL...hilarious! Yes, just give me a beautiful replica and I'd be happy. He's sleeping on this idea @Ms.2thick. LOL

On: Oct 25, 2010
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