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On: Oct 25, 2010

@love_songz...I'm sorry. I was preparing for a big dinner party at my house today (Sunday) so I wasn't able to be online much Saturday & not at all today until now (11 p.m.) - I'm tired as hell - been up since 3:30 a.m. I will work on something for this week. As always, people gotta bring more than the people that were invited so I was cooking FOREVER constantly trying to make more. I'm beat!

On: Oct 25, 2010

HI @LoveMeImLexi - I'm also one of the grown Angels. I have followed you. Follow me back @GimmeUnusual

On: Oct 25, 2010

@LadyAJ03...I can't believe you left us with this cliffhanger. OH MY GOODNESSSSS!!!! That is crazy. I had a tinge of jealousy thinking about Helen getting back in good with Trey. Imma need her to go somewhere & sit her ass down. I so loved it!!!! Can't wait for part 2!!!!

On: Oct 25, 2010

@shay_yuuup - well of course you did the damn thang once again...I loved every piece of it. That damn Trey...he is gone get me pregnant just by reading this shit. Great job Miss Lady!

On: Oct 25, 2010
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