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@nalston - Hi Honey!!! All is well w/ me. And with you? I do agree that we simply just keep it real. What I admire & respect about @SShorty is that she doesn't buckle under anyones comments. She expresses how she feels & she sticks to it. I can't help but to love a strong woman!
@JesusIsMySavior - LMAO @ your comparison
1. Trey
2. Ewww that's a hard one - it's a tie...well maybe Luther...maybe Freddie...naw Luther...damn it I think it's Freddie - I give up!
3. Michael Jackson (hands down - I've been a MJ fan forever) - love Prince too though
4. Mickey Mouse!!!

Replied To: Trey cant be compared! (Forum topic)
On: Nov 15, 2010 know I was appalled when I first joined & saw those threads. How many times did we get into it? PLENTY - hence the whole Fanatic & BiPolar thing. One thing about me is that I stay true to myself; however, at times my feelings will change. Just as @Mariama Neverson stated, I expected to join and this be ALL about love for Trey. Your threads were initially a shocker, but now my feeling about the threads have changed. YES I STILL THINK THEY'RE A TAD BIT RUDE; however, they make for some interesting conversations. Plus I realized that I can't control what people discuss. THIS IS A DISCUSSION BOARD...I can either ignore the subjects I don't want to participate in or participate...I can't really bitch about it. What for? Will it make you stop posting the comparison threads? I doubt it - so you do you while I do me! I'm all good - I actually kind of like you now. LOL

Replied To: Trey cant be compared! (Forum topic)
On: Nov 15, 2010

@Mariama Neverson - no I don't have that problem. You see - everyone that I'm following on Twitter is a Trey Songz fan. I joined Twitter specifically for him. My family & friends are on Facebook & I don't combine the two. My fam/friends on FB had words, but now I don't say anything about Trey on FB & just keep that for my Twitter fam b/c I know they love him too. The sad thing though is that now I'm hardly on FB b/c they don't want to hear me talk about him. So now they miss out on my life altogether & I miss out on what's happening with them. Oh well! No love lost!

Replied To: Twitter Beef (Forum topic)
On: Nov 15, 2010

@SShorty - I will definitely give Jeremih's CD a fair chance...I'll just try to forget about my experience w/ him. I have heard "All About You" and I do like that along with "I Like". I also like J Holiday. I'd like to see what else he plans to do. I LOOVVVED "Bed". He had another song I liked too, but I can't remember the name of it. They both are talented musically. J Holiday is sexy to me...sorry but Jeremih has lost that with me. He was never cuter than Trey to me, but I thought he was descent. Now I'm distracted by shit!

Replied To: TREY SONGZ vs JEREMIH (Forum topic)
On: Nov 13, 2010

@SShorty - I looked it up a few weeks ago (D.C., Maryland & Virginia).

On: Nov 13, 2010
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