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@JesusIsMySavior - I'm $100 poorer...bought both of Ginuwine's CDs I was missing...bought Lesson In Love by Lloyd, Got Jeremih's new CD, Tony Rich Project & Kem's new CD. Then I got 2 erotic books. Not bad - I bought some stuff used off Amazon.

Replied To: TREY SONGZ vs GINUWINE (Forum topic)
On: Nov 12, 2010

Oops - forgot about the Mixtapes: This is sooo hard. I can't just pick one...I have so many favorites: "Feelin' Myself, "You Ain't My Gurl", "Famous", & "Every Girl", "It Would Be You", & "Bed"...oh & I like "Ego."

Replied To: Your Fav Song per Album (Forum topic)
On: Nov 12, 2010

@JesusIsMySavior - I actually enjoyed his BET performance. I didn't think he sounded bad...but maybe I was blinded by his good looks. I'll have to listen to it again with my eyes closed. LMAO For me he only messed up at that concert (on My Moment) & on 106 & Park (10 year anniversary) show, but I know for 106 & Park he was just doing too much. I think that week he was on Monique, FUSE, Wendy Williams, 106, and then he did some radio shows & it was all within a couple days. He was doing too much & his voice gave out. I remember Tweeting him that day before he did 106 that he was doing too much & he needs to rest - then he still was leaving 106 & going to Monique. He works too hard sometimes for us!

Replied To: Trey Songz Can't Sing?!?! (Forum topic)
On: Nov 12, 2010

I'm on now sampling the 2 CDs that I didn't know anything about...I'll decide rather or not I'm going to buy one or both after I listen to them. I missed "Back II Da Basics" & "A Man's Thoughts" - Do U have both of those?

I hoped no one swiped my CD either...but I already know who did brother. He did the same thing to my Tony Rich Project album. Has anyone ever heard that one? As a matter of fact Imma have to buy that one again right now. I SOOOO LOVE that album. It's mellow all the way through.

Replied To: TREY SONGZ vs GINUWINE (Forum topic)
On: Nov 12, 2010

Chicago didn't get a pre-sale either. I'm cool though because I sucked it up & just paid more for my good seats. People bought the tickets & then put them up for sale on eBay & I checked both sites & bought the tickets within my budget. I really wanted to go & I really wanted to be close, so I spent $200 per ticket. It is what it is.

On: Nov 12, 2010
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