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@AriellBigg, @Lin84 & @Angelic50 - thank you ladies!!! @Angelic50 - yeah, I definitely couldn't send him to jail. I have a police officer as a friend he said that cops actually will let people go home & come back even though they're not supposed to. I try to make my stories as factual as possible - things that COULD really happen.
@shay_yuuup - I saw part 7 posted - I'm about to read it now. I guess we're both taking breaks. @LadyAJ03 about to throw down this weekend though. I can't wait! Not to mention that we got some new writers on board. I loved "Pleasure" S/O to @TreysFansDMV

On: Oct 21, 2010

@madhottmami69 - I love all the lip service videos too. Shows me just how freaky my man is. LMAO
@WhitneyDesiree' - thank you hun! I'm definitely a believer of happy endings. If it doesn't end happy, 9 times outta 10 I'm disappointed. Still can't understand why people liked 500 Days of Summer - HE DIDN'T GET THE GIRL FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!! LMAO

On: Oct 20, 2010

@ladytangel - thank you hun! I won't be stopping altogether. I just don't want the threads to be bombarded with Fan Fictions. I found myself trying to remember where I left off with everybody's stories - so I thought that was confusing. @shay_yuuup is doing the damn thang right now & @LadyAJ03 is coming out w/ TreyGasm 4 this weekend, so I'm gonna let them finish up & then introduce another Fan Fiction.

On: Oct 20, 2010

@tash_angel_yuuup - I know. Keisha came & saved the day!!! Yall know I couldn't put our husband in jail. He too fine for that & you know he doesn't want anything in his ass:

I still die every time I see this!!!

On: Oct 20, 2010

@TreysDiva - I have wanted to start a thread like this, but it didn't seem like it was too many Chicago Angels on here based on the other Angel threads.

YESSSS, I am going to the OMG tour on 12/3 & yes we can get together for dinner before AND/OR do something afterwards. I live on the southwest side of Chicago (near Marquette Park). Where are you?

Are we following each other on Twitter? My handle is @GimmeUnusual - follow me & I'll follow you! Yeh!!! Glad to find another Chicago Angel.

On: Oct 20, 2010
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