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@JesusIsMySavior - yes, Hill is very romantic. I'm kind of falling in-love with him my damn self after creating this story. LOL It's definitely more passionate than erotic. Awww...can't wait for the forum to go live & yall read it. I think what yall will like is that our (Lady AJ, Shay & my) styles are so different. We bring a wonderful diversity to our stories. Mine tend to be very detailed - making it long while giving you every scene bit by bit. Shay captures Trey the best out of all of us. She's studied his mannerisms, the things he says, & what he does...they're alike in many ways, so her stories make you think you're watching Trey for real. And Lady AJ - that woman is just GIFTED! She is a combination of both of us...she'll make you feel like you're there, but she gets to the point - short & sweet. She's very is Shay. I'm very honored to work with both of them. LOVE EM'!!!

On: Nov 11, 2010

@His-LastTime...yes, I will definitely read your story...both of them. I saw them posted. I've been trying to finish up my story about Hill so I haven't had a chance to read it but I WILL & I'll definitely give you feedback.

@CharBaby - definitely need to go google them. They're beautiful!!!
Here is Lance:
Here is Hill Harper:

On: Nov 11, 2010

@mz.songz7706 - yes, I'll definitely let you know. Follow me on Twitter & I'll DM U on Monday to let you know.

Twitter handle: @GimmeUnusual

On: Nov 11, 2010

@JesusIsMySavior - the one & only Hill Harper. He is still well-educated in my story - his story is more romance than erotic. I aim to stay true to who these celebs really are. LOL

On: Nov 11, 2010

Awww...po' baby! The ones I'm working on are not of Trey - they're of other celebrities so I can't post those. Plus, you'll have to join the forum!!! LOL

I have 3 that I'm working on of Trey, but they needed to take a back seat since we already have so many of Trey. I had to concentrate on the other celebs.

On the Celeb LuvGasm FB page there is a snippet of the Lance Gross' story I wrote. Check it out & let me know what you think. It's finished but I wouldn't disrespect Trey by posting that on here.

I am also 90% complete with Hill Harper's story...but again I won't post that here. Come on to the forum! LMAO

On: Nov 11, 2010
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