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I will let you know Hun. I have another ticket (Section 3 Row 14), but someone is supposed to go with me. She hasn't paid me for her ticket yet (it's $200) & when I asked her when was she going to pay me or even pay something on it, she ignored me. I'll ask her again on Monday. If she doesn't respond then I'll sell it to you. $200 was the price I paid for it through eBay so I'm not trying to make a profit at all. All I want is what I paid for it.

On: Nov 11, 2010

OMG...I am forgetting so many other concerts I've been to. Last year I also saw Robin Thicke & Jennifer Hudson. The year before that I went to a Macy's Music Festival in Ohio where Mary J. Blige, Robin Thicke, Brian McKnight, The Temptations, The O'Jays, Lyfe Jennings, Heather Headley & Frankie Beverly & Maze performed. I think it was a couple more acts, but I can't remember who they were. That was an ALL day concert and it rained!!!

I wasn't really into Rock, but my friend bought 2 tickets & wasn't able to sell the 2nd one. She asked me if I wanted to go & I told her I wasn't a fan of rock & didn't want to spend money on a genre that I wasn't crazy about. She said she'd give it to me for free, so I went & I actually enjoyed myself. Since then I've been listening to more rock - and just more different styles. I've fallen in-love with Rascal Flatts (country). So I'm expanding my horizons. I also forgot that my brother was a bouncer at the House of Blues in Vegas and I saw Prince and James Brown the same weekend (for free) LOL My brother has been in Vegas for about 5 years now, so it was right after he moved there & I went to visit him. I so miss him working for the different entrance & free drinks all night. He called me today & told me he'll be touring with The Village People. He plays percussion. And guess what else he shared with me...he told me that he's met Trey Songz 5 or 6 times in Vegas. Trey rehearses in the same studio that my brother & his band rehearse at. So jealous!!! I told him he better call me the next time he sees him. He played with Bobby Brown last year - I hope he gets in with a real artist soon! LOL

Replied To: TREY SONGZ vs R.KELLY (Forum topic)
On: Nov 11, 2010

I like a lot of R-Kelly's songs, but I have never been to one of his concerts & I can't say I have the true desire to go. I've been to an Usher concert & a Janet Jackson concert...oh last year I went to a Daughtry concert. Other than that I usually go see plays. LOVED the Lion King...saw it in Vegas. I also seen Kris Angel (the magician or illusionist - whatever they wanna be called), that was good. So I don't go to too many concerts. I'm looking forward to this one though.

Replied To: TREY SONGZ vs R.KELLY (Forum topic)
On: Nov 10, 2010

@SShorty...discussions go off topic ALL the you told me "It's a part of life".

I agree with @JesusIsMySavior - R-Kelly wins in some categories, but not all. He is not better looking than Trey. He is more successful & more popular but when it comes to talent I previously said R-Kelly, but I'd like to change that to both of them being very talented. It's a tie! But yes, that still makes R-Kelly the winner for me as well; however, I probably wouldn't go to an R-Kelly concert while I'm breaking my neck to go to Trey's.

Replied To: TREY SONGZ vs R.KELLY (Forum topic)
On: Nov 10, 2010

LMAO @JesusIsMySavior - well it is definitely worth looking at. LOL And yes, I'm glad he takes care of his teeth too. Fan Fictions would be VERY hard to write if he wasn't cute. LOL As much as he smiles - he NEEDS beautiful teeth.

Replied To: Are you Feeling Trey Songz Satisfied? (Forum topic)
On: Nov 10, 2010
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