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Thank you @love_songz!!! I will be working on another one & I'll let everyone know when it's up.

On: Oct 20, 2010

@MsPrettyElegant & @trinaa33 - Thanks Angels!!!

On: Oct 20, 2010

Thanks @LadyAJ03...I was wondering how it would end too. LMAO

I got a text message that U responded to my DM, but I'm dumb when it comes to Twitter - I didn't know how to respond. I asked cause you didn't leave any feedback on part 3 - wasn't sure if you read it or not. You kicked all of this off, so I really value your feedback. Thanks hun!

On: Oct 20, 2010

@Oneshadowlove and @Chrissy_On_Ice - I sent you a request on Twitter for an Angel name. My Twitter handle is @GimmeUnusual. Thanks!

Replied To: Who Got an Angel Name? ()
On: Oct 20, 2010

Trey is our business. We love and support him - go very hard for him. Therefore, we are supposed to be having discussions about him. We can talk about WHATEVER we want - this is a blog. Now rather we get our answers is totally up to Tremaine Neverson. He'll tell us what he wants us to know. Whatever he doesn't want us to know - ain't our business. Parts of his sex life are our business...otherwise he wouldn't talk so publicly about it - hence LipService & other articles he's done. So throw up the deuces to whoever says, "This ain't yo' business." Well damnit I'm making it my business. When Trey himself comes on here & says, "Don't talk about this yall" to hell w/ what everybody else saying.

On: Oct 20, 2010
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