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Yep @TashNTrey & @madhottmami69 - I don't know what Trey is going to do with our psycho, stalking, obsessive behinds. I got a plan though - I'll take him on Friday, Saturday & Sunday and yall can share him the rest of the week. LMAO...I know...I'm so selfish, but I figured since I claimed him 1st that I'll get the extra day! We are really cutting up!

On: Oct 20, 2010

LMAO...oh Lawd...I actually hope that Trey never looks at our conversations. Now we got a "dick" conversation going on. Yeah, I saw that pic...nice "package" Mr. Neverson! We are some straight freaks - that's all I can say!

On: Oct 20, 2010's okay @iSparks87 - I know we still Fam!!!

Replied To: WTF?! ()
On: Oct 20, 2010

@Daniel_Shawn - yes I loved when he tore his ass up.
@ladytangel - I think everyone is feeling that way - Trey bet not go to jail. He too pretty for jail and that's for damn sure.
@ArielBigg - the conclusion is coming tomorrow. Instead of making part 4 & 5 - I'll just do a long part 4 (around 2800 words). It's almost complete, but I gotta add one more scene.
Thanks ladies for the great feedback!!!

On: Oct 20, 2010

@Shay...hmmm...gotta keep yall in suspense. I'm still deciding it I'm going to make part 4 extra long or divide it up into 2 parts. I'm still writing though.

On: Oct 19, 2010
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