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I'm with LadyAJ03...give me Tremaine!!! Who the hell is Damon?!?! Great job @shay_yuuup!

Replied To: ALL THE IFS (PART 6) ()
On: Oct 19, 2010

Yeh!!! Bout to read it now!

Replied To: ALL THE IFS (PART 5) ()
On: Oct 19, 2010

@JesusIsMySavior - yeah, Marcus got exactly what he deserved. Trey got in that behind!

On: Oct 19, 2010

Thanks ladies!!! @Mrs.Neverson2011 - GO FOR IT!!! I would definitely read it! I love these Fan Fictions!

On: Oct 19, 2010

I'm sorry ladies!!! I'm working it out in part 4. I'm actually done with part 4, but it would definitely have to be a part 5 unless 4 is just super long.

I'll post 4 tomorrow. I want to hurry up & finish this one so I can get on to the next Fan Fiction: "Imma Put You to Bed". LOL

I'm glad it's keeping yall interested! Thanks for reading it!

On: Oct 19, 2010
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