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i kinda feelin this song by him called STICKY FACE it is too hot made me fall even more in love with him just nasty in a good way :-)

Replied To: what is your favorite song of trey's? (Forum topic)
On: Dec 05, 2009

age aint nothing but a number cuz im way beyond mi years in wisdom but you learn something everyday but 17 and 18 in jan. 8 2010 Yuuuuup!

Replied To: Age Check!!!! (Forum topic)
On: Dec 02, 2009

i would enjoy it period its trey the best part would be what happen after :-)

On: Dec 02, 2009

Capricorn dont play all day

Replied To: REP UR ZODIAC SIGN . <<GEMINI>> WOO HOOO (Forum topic)
On: Dec 02, 2009

i would want him to sing any song that was heart felt to him its what eva trey WANTS

On: Dec 02, 2009
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mi name claudia and i love Tremaine Aldon Neverson a.k.a Treyz Songz/Trigga/The Prince of Virgina.period. Yuuuuuup!