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Girl you know I want one!

Replied To: LADY AJ Book Requests... ()
On: Oct 30, 2010

That was really good ,for real you have a real gift and if you ever write a book and it's published let me know because I will definately buy it!

On: Oct 29, 2010

@JesusIsMy Savior you are a mess girl, we would be fly as hell though!

Replied To: MAN, WHAT THE HELL! ()
On: Oct 29, 2010

@Shay (#AmbitiousAngel) LOL! She act as if she was taking notes and was waiting to come and find me just to piss me off . I should have thump her hating ass!

@Tricia I would just to piss her off , hell she keep messing with me I am going to have Trey's name tattooed on my ass and evey time she pop off about him I am going to moon her ass and tell her that Trey wants a kiss!

Replied To: MAN, WHAT THE HELL! ()
On: Oct 29, 2010

Girl you know you ain't right for leaving us hanging like that I was really getting into it damn near fell into my computer screen, well keep it going make it good sorry I have no advice right now , but if I come up with something I will hit you up!

Replied To: The Last Time Part Five ()
On: Oct 28, 2010
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