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Like the Michael Jackson doll!!!!!! Sweeet!

On: May 07, 2011

My favorite was Ginuwine before Trey and I went just as hard for him as I do for Trey now. People say I just threw G away when I ran across Trey. Damn Trey just be dominating peoples ears and heart!

On: May 03, 2011

@JesusIsMySavior you with holding info from your sis?! J/P you are one lucky lady!!!!

Replied To: overseas ()
On: Apr 30, 2011

I met him twice, one was skip the line like TreyDee in my city,then I went to chicago and had VIP tickets ,you get maybe 2 mins at the most because he will take a pic with you ,and it is all worth it because he is really sweet and gives great hugs and kisses, so next time he has a show get VIP and be welcomed into euphoria because you won't remember what happened until a week later lol ! Good Luck

On: Apr 17, 2011

@Ariel I envy you lol !

On: Apr 10, 2011
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