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Man this is crazy I was a fan of Trey's since the beginning and didn't even know it, my then boyfriend kept burning me music and putting Trey on there I loved "biddness & pleasure" and he would never tell me who I was listening to,Then one day my sister said that's Trey Songz and I was like who? See when "Gotta make it" came out I was like hey he cute and can sang but he needs to eat, then when he was on "Girl tonite and we use to make fun of him because he would sing all hard and my brother was always singing "wonder woman",but I still didn't really look for his music because I was into Ginuwine. Then when I saw "Can't help but wait" I started to bug my dude to give me more of his music so by the time "I need a girl" came out I was trying to be her. So with all that being said I have been rocking with Trey for a minute.

On: Apr 18, 2011

I met him twice, one was skip the line like TreyDee in my city,then I went to chicago and had VIP tickets ,you get maybe 2 mins at the most because he will take a pic with you ,and it is all worth it because he is really sweet and gives great hugs and kisses, so next time he has a show get VIP and be welcomed into euphoria because you won't remember what happened until a week later lol ! Good Luck

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On: Apr 17, 2011

LOL well DAMN lisaleigh30 tell us what you really would do, ( I don't blame you)

On: Apr 10, 2011

@Ariel I envy you lol !

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On: Apr 10, 2011

@Numba1Hon LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Somebody's upset

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On: Apr 10, 2011
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