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Numba1Hon Get off the gas with that ! "Child" because thats what you seem to be, I have no reason to kiss anybody's ass ,come at me with something better than that or go sit your ass down , Are you mad because nobody agrees with you? I think so , and why are you bringing up all this " Do you know where you would be if people did not defend people they don't know? Have you ever heard of Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Harriet Tubman, or even Kunta Kente? How about Obama? " Is it because you just learned about these people and now you are proud of yourself? Girl bye! This is a disscussion board not a history lesson!

Replied To: THE VIDEO "LOVE FACES" vs "BIRTHDAY SEX" (Forum topic)
On: Apr 10, 2011

It's ashame when people can't joke and have fun or a disscusion without people attacking people they don't know, now I am late,but when I came on here and saw Numba1Hon attack my Tricia I had to say something as well, I personally know Tricia and met her only a few months ago and I love this chick, so to me she is a beautiful person inside and out , she is a regular comedienne, So grow up and stop taking everything so seriously as if you know the chick in the video, it's not that crucial. And shout out to Tricia for not stepping down to get on her level.

Replied To: THE VIDEO "LOVE FACES" vs "BIRTHDAY SEX" (Forum topic)
On: Apr 09, 2011

Internet gangsta LOL!!! This is childish smdh.

On: Apr 09, 2011

Trey I just want to thank you for giving all your time to make sure your fans are satisfied, I have had the pleasure of meeting you twice and both moments are unforgettable, you are a true artist with heart and compassion, and I really appreciate all that you do , I don't know any other artist that cares as much as you do, so I love you and The Unit for all you do. Katrina- Aquafina_Trina #WiseAngel

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On: Apr 07, 2011


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On: Apr 06, 2011
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