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@COOGidown Sorry if you felt like I was dissing you but you just came off so sideways that I felt like you were being straight up hateful in what you said and it wasn't necessary , so I just threw it back at you, but you have shown yourself as a true woman to come back and apologize to Tricia. Well I want to say I apologize too.

Replied To: NO ANGEL LOVE ()
On: Dec 21, 2010

@Tricia Love you too, I had to say something what she said was uncalled for and I am sick of it, I figure if you don't like someone then stay off of their thread. On here hustling and talking shit on the computer, she know damn well if you and her was face to face she wouldn't say shit too you, but anyway I had a moment forgive for using ugly words. @JesusIsMySavior I got that name from the "Trigga Triplets" themselves it is too cute. Anywho Tricia keep up the good work!

Replied To: NO ANGEL LOVE ()
On: Dec 21, 2010

Sorry that I missed your post , but most of the time I just read post and don't comment but I do follow everything the "Trigga Triplets" do together or solo and I will be attending your show and continue reading your stories. I am glad you addressed your hater she is probably mad because your talent out weighs hers. Trying to sale drawings on here like this is the "Flea Market"! So do your thing girl, and continue shining !

Replied To: NO ANGEL LOVE ()
On: Dec 20, 2010

@WiseAngel_Trina I will follow back!

On: Dec 09, 2010
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