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JoJo's is @JojoBrim , Kevin's is @KevinLiles1

Replied To: Treys manager. (Forum topic)
On: Mar 09, 2011

I will probably get bashed for what I am about to say......... but , I wouldn't want anybody to know I was with Trey, too much drama, look how they treat LL and nobody knows for sure if they are together or not. I guess I am at that age where it really doesn't matter to me if he claims me or not but he better remember what side his bread is buttered. And trust he will not tell me what to do unless it's in the bedroom lol ! But seriouly I understand the business and I wouldn't want other people judging me or looking at me upside my head just because they want Trey, hell people are crazy these days. Oh yeah and if he cheated I would be gone!

Replied To: How much would you accept from Trey (Forum topic)
On: Mar 07, 2011

I met him and he was real nice to me and even hugged me twice so I didn't get that impression, Trey just has that swagger that everbody loves!

On: Jan 18, 2011
On: Jan 18, 2011
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