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I'm watching go trey :-)

On: Feb 15, 2013

My idea of a simply amazing Valentines day would be waking up to the one i love watching me sleep and i open my eyes to him saying love you and we start play fighting under the covers and some morning sex i love it after some breakfast it dosen't matter who makes it as long as we are happy with eachother and then we get in the shower and get dressed to go where ever we decide together as long as we have a great time and enjoy eachothers company for he whole day but it could be a suprize coming from me or him either way i'm happy to have a valentine and a man that shows me he loves me and i show him i love him aswell not just for that one day but throughout our relationship and don't forget the roses and that would be a simply amazing valentines day for me. i don't want much because love is amazing but i don't have a valentine this year :(

On: Feb 12, 2013
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I'm a 32 year old loving mother of 3 beautiful children who i love to spend time with i also enjoy my alone time when i get it i like to go out with friends i also like to travel if i could and i would stay home and just relax and read a good book.i also enjoy going to dinner and the movies and i love to cook and bake theres just alot of things i like but i can't name them all.
I like to do hair and i enjoy cooking and baking and doing things with my kids and Playing i read i just like to have fun and enjoy life.i also love to laugh/smile :)
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My Favorite artist are Trey Songz Aaliysh Monica Brandy Usher lil wayne drake nikki minaj lil kim 2 chainz whitney houstin it's to many to name but ther are alo of them.
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Katrina Plant
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My Birhday is August 8,1980

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