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I feel that if that was said and true only GOD and Trey needs to be a part of that confession so please let's Erase this and focus on his God Givin talent which is the most important to his TRUE fanz and him. Im sure of one thing that is also important with confession that he is Forgiven like we all are upon confession and repentance I still love Him just the same and maybe more for the assurance of sincerity that this instills within our fan /artist relationship...LOL;).. R.A.W. RealAzWordz

On: Feb 14, 2010

My,my,my I must say that I agree wit erbdy howeva,frum start to fin Trey aint gonna leave you unless he just gotta go and thats what I love most about him I feel sincerely connected to Trey as an artist he is certainly A MASTERPIECE and Thats all that has to be said!LOL:)...!RealAzWordz..!

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On: Feb 14, 2010
On: Jan 28, 2010
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The Realest...I am so real that I sometimes scare myself therefore I keep some to myself for safety purposes..I love Trey Songz just a lil bit more than he knows but a lil less than he can think of...understand I got besides myself again did'nt I? we do that alot.. just kiddinLOL;) R.A.W.Cushion,U gotta luv It...
I love to worship God,Eloim...I also love to work hard..but play a lil harder..LOL:)
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