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happy valentines day angels the most simple amazing valentine day is spending it with the one you love and making them see that they are with you for a reason and so enjoy this day and of course we have to show our man some love on valentines day on behalf of all the male angels and lady angels we want to say happy valentines day to they man that brought us all here trey songz yuuuuuuppppp :)

On: Feb 14, 2013

A simple amazing valentines day would be to treat my girl to a romantic day and night take her to every store she choose let her buy whatever she wanted spend every moment making her feel like a queen then come night fall take her blind folded to a trey songz concert take her backstage take the blindfold off, than i would ask her if she would let me dive in of course she would laugh then i would i start to sing for her acapella then out of no where trey comes from the curtain and joins in and make her feel like she never felt before after it's all said it done take pictures then we gotta go party trey style grey goose baby! and turn up all night long no other valentine could compare to the trey and ty experience (yuup trey songz voice) and as one of the male angels on here it's my job to treat a lady just like my dawg trigga do make em feel good ;)

On: Feb 13, 2013

thanks i look up to him as huge inspiration for my career and how to treat a lady

Replied To: Male angles (Forum topic)
On: Jan 07, 2013

no you are not alone bro i am a straight trey songz fan love that dude he is the reason i'm working hard to get in the industry

Replied To: Male Fan! (Forum topic)
On: Dec 10, 2012

you could all the way we are trying to get out there as well, check us out southern prominent

Replied To: TREY SONGZ PROTEGE (Forum topic)
On: Feb 03, 2012
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