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Replied To: Can't Be Friends (Video)
On: Sep 16, 2010
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Now here's a more mini description about me! What's up Trey and other fanatics like myself. Call me Tinee also spelled Tynee. I'm the proud product of jamaican parents born on new year's day. In 98 I became a proud mommy of my son named Christopher nicknamed & spelled Cj or Ceejay; born january 19th a capricorn as myself. I enjoy fashion, playing video games with my son Cj, listening to music, shopping, movies, spending time with my fam & peeps and talking on the phone, reading, working out @ the gym, going 2 the spa, eating seafood, writing in my journal. I also love juniors strawberry cheesecake & seafood. I also love singing, photography. I love 2 model. I've done modeling 4 about 3 years. I've also done a commercial for nestle quick as a child & a magazine spread during my short modeling career. I also love listening 2 music all the time & I mean all the time 2. My favorite favorite artists are: Bob Marley and Jay-Z and of course Trey Songz; although I have many other favorites.
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