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I met Trey Songz on December 3, 2010 and I became a "Trey Angel" December 4, 2010! Me and my BFF waited outside to see Mr. Songz at the cd signing at Best Buy in Lansing, IL. I got to jump the line because I was in a wheelchair (due to a condition I'm going through) and when I saw him I was SPEECHLESS! Trey held my hand and tears came to my eyes (tears are in my eyes right now) because I finally met him! I still can't believe that I said NOTHING! SMH! I didn't even say HI! SMH! I got my "Trey Angels" tee, dog tag & note from Trey on Dec. 14, 2010! IM SUPER GEEKED! I also met him FEBRUARY 14, 2011! LIFE IS GREAT!
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actually i ve been trying to connect with someone in my city i live in chicago as well and i have failed to meet angels that are as sweet as you seem lbs hehehe!

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hey angel.. omg i was at this meet and great to...i love looking at your pics it show a great reaction of your experiance. I didnt see you though,you were with ebony? i was wondering who you guys were .Hit me up on twitter i wanna talk ;)