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Delete(A moment ago) Uriel says
Numba1Hon ~ You are adorable, lol. We don't have the understanding because we (mankind as a whole) have been taught wrong for the most part. God will tell you that even if you have been taught wrong it is still your responsibility to find out the truth for yourself. How do you do that? By having a personal relationship with Him. I hate to say this but the Bible isn't the only place where God exists. Most church "religious" people firmly believe this. The Bible is one place. God is everywhere and in everything. If you truly have a relationship with Him, He will personally let you know what is truth and what isn't. The question is are you ready to accept what He tells and/or shows you. Most people can't accept the truth because it is too painful for them.

This quote came off of one of my favorite TV shows "Revenge"...a character said this last week and it's so true. She said "Truth is a battle of perceptions. People ONLY see what they are prepared to confront." Sometimes when God knocks down those walls of deception and shows you the truth about a situation it can be hard to accept the truth/reality He is showing you.

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On: Feb 15, 2012

Humbleheart (con't)~ You would be surprised so many people respond to God in this manner because they are angry at Him (their pride). They blame Him for giving them the life they have and that isn't true. God does give us all life, but not the lifestyles we individually created for ourselves. You can't control the family you are born into, but once you become an adult you have the power to change things for yourself (and your life) for the better.

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On: Feb 15, 2012

. In the book of Genesis, it states that the angels who rebelled in heaven, also called the "sons of God", came down to have sex with the women. It states that these angels saw that the women of God were beautiful and took them as wives (Genesis 6:2). The offspring of the angels and the women were called Nephilim or Giants: angel-human hybrids ( Genesis 6:4) If they were indeed asexual, why didn't they bear Giant children with the men?An asexual angel cannot implant "seed" into a woman. Likewise, when the Holy Spirit came upon Mary for her to bear Jesus in her womb, the seed of God the Father was implanted in her egg, creating Jesus. This made Jesus human (1/2 DNA from mom) yet divine (1/2 from God the Father). Only a male can implant seed into a woman.

Humbleheart ~ They came down to earth to have sex with the women. They were not in the spirit realm. In the spirit realm you have no physical body because you are spirit. Why do you think God is everywhere and in everything. He is in you and me and this guy sitting next to me. God isn't just masculine. He is also feminine. He is Father and Mother to all mankind. You physical body is the vehicle your soul occupies while you are living on this earthly/material plane. You wouldn't be able to be a physical being without it. You would be spirit instead. For the most part mankind cannot understand and accept this because we only believe what we have been taught and what we see with our own two eyes and I don't know why we haven't learned this yet but living that way is deceiving. Most things are not what they seem or appear to be. Good response though.

Also about prayer...I am not saying that JesusIsMySavior shouldn't or cannot pray for him. Prayer is a good thing, but my family and friends can pray for me all day and night. God can intervene into my life because of them praying for me, but I can still choose not to listen to or do whatever it is God asks me to do.

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On: Feb 15, 2012

Numba1Hon (con't) ~ The truth is the majority of mankind simply just doesn't really truly believe in God. Most people depend solely on themselves for everything, and this is why life is so much more colder and harder for those individuals. This is the sad truth/reality...most people prefer hate, cruelty, perversion, abuse, and brutality over love, truth, tenderness, empathy, and compassion. The latter makes these individuals sick with disgust because they hate love so much. Love is like a bitter poison to their very souls.

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On: Feb 08, 2012

Jesusismysavior (con't) ~ You would be disgusted by the display. It would make you lose all your faith in humanity. So when God does get a glimpse of goodness within and individual, He celebrates. His faith in mankind is then restored just from th at one person's goodness.

Numba1Hon ~ Lucifer is the tempter of ALL men, but he is especially the physical seducer of women and women (Lucifer uses them all of the time) are the physical seducers of men. This is what caused the infamous fall in the Garden of Eden. Eve was seduced by Lucifer. Adam was seduced by Eve (not Lucifer). Lucifer convinced Eve that God was holding out on her. She fell for his manipulation. Eve then truly believed that she was missing out on God's best for her just because God didn't want her to eat off of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Adam and Eve had no experiential knowledge of evil like we (human beings) do now. They only had cognitive knowledge about evil. After the fall, Adam and Eve received both (and so did the rest of humanity). Eve didn't see or realize that she already had God's best. She was living in paradise (naked and unashamed). Eve realized this when it was too late (when her and Adam were expelled from the garden).

The moral of the story is don't realize when it is too late that you have a good thing. Most people don't recognize it until it's gone. If you know you have something or someone good, you should appreciate it/them. Never take it/them for granted. Love and nurture it/them. Always keep in the back of your mind how good it is whenever Lucifer tries to come in an tempt you to go astray. Ask yourself is it really worth losing your "paradise"?

Good things do not have to come to an end. You will have challenges, obstacles, trials, and tribulations, but those tests are supposed to draw you closer to the Divine. The problem is mankind is weak, and we give up way too easily.

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On: Feb 08, 2012
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