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Jesusismysavior ~ You can pray for Trey all night and day every single day for the rest of your life, but in the end Trey has to make the right choices for himself by himself (whatever those may be). Only God and Trey know what is right for him, and God doesn't condemn us but he does convict us. To convict is to prove or find guilty.

"I do agree that if Trey really allows God to enter his life he will be a force to be reckoned with."

^^ How do you know if Trey hasn't allowed God into his life already? You don't know what his relationship is with the Divine. Just because he makes songs like Lap Dance and Inside that doesn't mean he doesn't have a personal relationship with God. Being "good" doesn't mean being "perfect". It mean when it gets down to it you will chose to do what is right when tested. Doing what is right isn't always the easy or "popular" thing to do. Nobody know the kind of person they truly are until opposition/adversity comes in an life tests you.

So many people believe God call us to fulfill these grandiose purposes that our individual purposes in life are these great things. This just isn't true. Sometimes God calls us just to be a good neighbor, a good friend, a good brother or sister, a good husband or wife, or a good mother or father to your children. Honestly, that is enough for me BUT...the simplicity of this truth isn't enough for so many individuals to accept because people always want to do something HUGE so they themselves can be glorified and idolized.

Do you want to see people unravel and expose their true natures? Put an opportunity for wealth, fame, power, and "celebrity" out on the table. The ugliness within people (envy, jealousy, viciousness, cruelty, and vindictiveness) comes out. People will rob, enslave, murder, and completely lose their minds over power, fame, wealth, and a chance to be a "celebrity" and/or political figure (or an even bigger celebrity and/or political figure).

Replied To: Spiritual Implications of Trey's Tattoos (Forum topic)
On: Feb 08, 2012

Humbleheart ~ I personally like Trey Songz singing about sex, partying, life, and relationships. In Top Of The World, he showcased a more socially conscious side of himself. I wouldn't want to hear an entire album of that material coming from him. It would be the same as having a conversation with Tremaine Neverson the man behind Trey Songz and the only thing he is talking to you about is sex. This would make him very boring and one dimensional. We are all multi-dimensional beings. We like and are interested in a multitude of different things. That is how God created us. Trust me...I bet Lauryn Hill listens to and loves Bottomz Up, Say Ahh, or Neighbor's Know My Name. Just because she is labeled as a "socially conscious rapper/singer" That doesn't mean she can't like or create a party/dance record. Lauryn Hill is more that just a conscious rapper/singer, and Trey Songz is more than just some sex symbol. Diversity is a beautiful thing.

Angels are asexual. They do not belong to either gender because they are spirit. Spirit is masculine and feminine energy combined. This is hard for mankind to understand because we live in a world of polarities (love/hate, black/white, man/woman, good/bad etc...). When they enter this earthly/material realm, they chose a gender so that you (human beings) will be able to identify with them and not be frightened by them.

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On: Feb 08, 2012

"What i do not like is beautiful black women or any woman for that matter who's actions depict them as being loose in the industry and gaining a leg up because of it when there are those who work entirely too hard to get where they are at."

^^ Me personally, I do not care what those women do. If they chose to get ahead in that way that is there business. I wouldn't do it. I prefer using my intellect, but I don't hate them for how they chose to live their lives. This is on their conscience not yours. Do you think they sleep well at night? Do you think they like what they see when they look into the mirror?

Replied To: Trey Songz and Lauren London (Forum topic)
On: Feb 08, 2012

Thank you for clearing up the discrepancy because it does show up on my computer screen that response came from TyTee29. I was just answering the person back. You clearly were responding to my comment. You didn't have to say my name so I responded back to you. It's that simple.

"Fan does not equal girlfriend."

Replied To: Trey Songz and Lauren London (Forum topic)
On: Feb 08, 2012

Delete(6 minutes ago) Uriel says
Huh? lost me. Who are you talking to? I think you took what I wrote the wrong way. Tabloids and gossip bloggers do speculate on the status or nature of other celebrities relationships. That is a fact. This is how they make their money. People like you buy the magazines and then post topics like this one on message boards to discuss, speculate, and debate what you read about. That is everyone being all up in your business. I am just stating facts. No one is going to talk about on a public forum you dating just some regular average guy, but when you date a celebrity this is the price you pay everyone discussing your relationship. And females do get crazy when the object of their fantasy (celebrity or not) starts a relationship with someone who is not them. They will turn Glenn Close off of Fatal Attraction on the person who they believe is "stealing their man". Another price you pay when dating a celebrity male. Do you even know Lauren London? The answer is probably no. So how can you not like someone you do not even know? Unless you just don't like her because she is an attractive woman who might be with Trey Songz according to a gossip site.

Nothing has happened to me so I have no idea what you are talking about if that message of yours was addressed to me. And move forward and heal from what? Let go of what? I'm not holding on to anything. I don't know how he treats people. I don't know him. I am sorry, but you have completely lost me.

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On: Feb 01, 2012
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