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Utsukushii Barbii


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Utsukushii Barbii
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Hello my "extra" Trey Fans it's me the one and only Ms. Acquinetta but I like to consider myself as Trey's Soulmate :) (My Boo) Anyway a lil about i'm 21 yrs young I am originally from South Carolina (nothin better than a Southern Belle) but i currently reside in VA... I'm very ambitious and very outgoing, down to earth laid back type chick... Don't get me wrong I am very VERY shy but I guess once i'm comfortable I usually loosen up a bit... Any who I am currently going to school for Culinary Arts (ya girl can most definately throw down in the kitchen LOL) and lovin it so far.... Anything else you might wanna know jus get at me... SMOOCHEZ!!!!