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Team Trey never a bore always excited and constantly inspiring me to be a better me.. Listening to his music puts me in such a good mood,, Reading this email puts me in a greater mood,, Touched and Honored.. XOXO...Trey's Angel for Life!!!!

Replied To: From me to you... (Blog)
On: Aug 29, 2012

Hot damn!!!

On: Aug 23, 2012
Replied To: GOOGLE+ *UPDATE* (Blog)
On: Sep 09, 2011

SMH!! I showed my loyalty when I dropped 4 times over 3+ to see him in the states hell if I go to another country to see him unless I won some Damn tickets to do line is drawn there... No one can tell me I'm not a supporter.. I follow him on twitter requested him on Facebook.. Watch him on Ustream I follow him on Itunes.. I have his app on my iphone I even get his tweets text to me on my phone..he's my screen saver at home on my phone and at work. I paid for my Trey's Angel's membership and i'm not so pleased with it but from previous Angels comments I'm going to stick around.. True Tremaine supporter no doubt BUT WILL NOT TRAVEL OUTSIDE THE COUNTRY on my own dime.. If I didn't do it for my man I sure as hell wouldn't do it for someone that really don't know who the hell I am really .. When I feel like he has a true personal connection to his Angels and not just by what his assistance are telling him to pay attention to then maybe I will travel to Canada and that's it lol...

On: Apr 24, 2011
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I Love Life My Family and Closets Friends.. I also like to taste different foods and I am very interested in learning about different types of Wines. I'm on a Constant Journey in Learning About Myself and I Welcome the Wise to Teach as I am a Great Student Thirst for Knowledge.
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My Favorite Band(s)are Aeorosmith and U2 or maybe it's the other way around I just Love Them Both!!!! :-)
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