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Replied To: Trey's Next Single Announced! (Blog)
On: Oct 05, 2009

[7.26.91 [LEO [18)

Replied To: Age Check!!!! (Forum topic)
On: Aug 28, 2009

Ladies, Ladies . . Dont let someone tell you your obsessed [even if we are] We're FANS, true Fans. . & ya'll know Trey LOVES his fans ! ESPECIALLY his True fans . .Now i've seen tha movee Obsessed, lol . . Atleast speakin for myself, i wouldn't take it thaat far. Now does this make me any less of a fan? Hell nah , i swear i hold the title VAz Trey Songz Girl . . nobodys taken that from me, ask about me =]

Replied To: ARE YOU OBSESSED WITH TREY? (Forum topic)
On: Aug 28, 2009
On: Jul 26, 2009
On: Jul 26, 2009
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I am VAzTreySongzGirl , i told you you could google me [;