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Hi Trey! Only recently in April this year I became ur fan and I love you like crazy since. I think ur a true talented musician but most of all you are a really good guy and there isn't many out there for sure. I started listening to your music and instantly fell in love, I literally spent most of my time on youtube listening to ur backlog of songs which were so diverse and I was pleasantly surprised. I'm so happy ur being played on Radio 1!! Everytime I hear ur voice on the radio I feel like crying tears of joy! I listened to ur songz whilst I was in Ethiopia and just could not contain my excitement when I spent two hours online booking tickets for Radio 1's Hackney weekend! I nearly fainted when you came on stage and I felt sooooo lucky that I actually got to see you in real life so early on I never never ever dreamt that! You were 'indescribable' you left me speechless with ur performance, When you sang Heart Attack I was crying and I cried when I watched the Simply Amazing video too. I love you Trey, your music picks me up when I'm down and I am sooo glad I found you, its better late than never as they say. Trey one thing which I admire is your love for your family especially your mum its so heart warming and nice to see that a huge successful artist like yourself is so down to earth and just a regular fun loving guy, that is what I most love about you!! All your songs are amazing (of course) but my absolute favourite is Doorbell ;) Keep up the good work, hopefully see you in the UK Trey :) xxxxxxxx

On: Aug 07, 2012
Veenesha_Kumar's picture
United Kingdom