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I say you select a girl to be pres of your fan club, she'd work for you 24/7 like a manager almost ;) or... you can get a show on VH1 like some people haha & find love, you could call it I need a Girl ? hahah jk !

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On: Aug 10, 2010
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First Trey concert attended 08.06.10 xD amazing, of course. Victoria Lover 18 FL College Student :) Not only does my mind wander, but it sometimes leaves completely x] Intelligence. Football. TreySongz. Psychology. Tattoos. LimeGreen. MangoSmoothies. Make-up. Wale. Laughing. ESPN. Photography. Street Lights. Playtime. <3 inTune. Lupe Fiasco. xbox Live. SoBe. Lily Stargazers. Victoria's Secret. G-Shocks. DippinDots. WizKhalifa. Hugs & Kisses x] -- Tori :)
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